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Financial Education Tools

For Parents & Teachers

The Stifel Bank & Trust Budget Bunny is a cornerstone of our financial literacy and education program. Through a partnership with the United Way of Greater St. Louis and LionForge Labs, we created comic books and coloring books to enable children to learn the importance of healthy money management. These books tell the story of Bud, the Budget Bunny, and his friends as they learn the concepts of earning, entrepreneurship, and collaboration while making their way around our local community.

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Learning financial literacy with Bud the Budget Bunny

Comics & Coloring

Budget Bunny comic books include more entertaining adventures of Bud and his friends as they dive deeper into SPEND, SAVE, and SHARE concepts like credit, lending, and compound interest.

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Meet Bud and All His Friends!

Get to know Bud and his friends, including Penny, Dusty, Tito, and Sasha. We're an amusing group of friends with big personalities!

We enjoy exploring the importance of money skills and banking through our exciting adventures. We can’t wait to meet you!

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